About Storm Ideas

Who we are and what we do

Storm Ideas are a team of passionate developers and designers creating groundbreaking apps for companies all around the world. At the moment we're focused on social media and viral adoption but we like to go where the Internet and our interests lead so we've not quite got Twitter and Facebook tattoos just yet.

We were spun out of full service digital agency storm id (see what we did there naming wise?) specifically to look at innovation with a product focus and from that starting point have grown into all things social with a particular emphasis on second screen experience and the intersection of digital media and television.

Don't stop believing

We believe in the power of dedicated teams of talented, enthused individuals to punch above their weight and fight it out globally.

We believe being creative is easier with a smile on your face.

We believe we're currently living through one of the most significant cultural changes man has ever seen and that's exciting.

We believe that where there is disruption there is opportunity.

We believe in learning new things every day.

Ring my bell

We think the Internet is the biggest disruptive force since Steve Guttenberg invented his press, only this one is shaking things up at a much faster pace.

In the meantime if our work looks like the kind of thing you need then please a get in touch to discuss. We work with companies and organisations all over the world, we've even got five clocks in our office!

We're always on the lookout for like minded web lovers to join the team - if that's you then just give us a shout.