Facebook Covers

Installed as a tab to your Facebook Page, or embedded onto your website, fans can choose from a selection of Facebook Covers before adding it to their Timeline.

New Covers can be added to the app over time e.g. a new cover every week containing content from the latest event.

Alternatively, users are able to create and customise their own Facebook Covers themed around a particular brand.

Fans are able to select from a variety of backgrounds, before then adding images, icons, text and drawings to create their Cover.


  • Works across desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Offer multiple pre-made covers to fans
  • Allow fans to create their own covers using images, filters, texts, drawing tools, etc.
  • Can be installed to your Facebook Page or that of a sponsor
  • Up-to-the-second usage data accessible via a live, secure report page
  • Add social sponsorship via integrated branding, co-branded content and ad units