Fan Centre

This application allows for a stream of content from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to be displayed to end users, updating in real-time without the user having to refresh their browser.

The stream would be presented as a mosaic, with items being displayed visually as a collection of tiles that have a different style depending on the type of content (tweet, image, video, etc.).

The application can also be repurposed to be a 2nd-screen application focused around live sporting or TV events. Live updates from the event itself can be displayed above the feed (such as scores or a live video stream) with fan reaction in the mosaic feed below, bringing together the audience at the event with the audience at home.


  • Works across desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Content is drawn in automatically from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr or a custom form in the app
  • Content animates when fed into the stream, while fans can access the source of the content by clicking or rolling over the tiles
  • Content can be filtered and moderated via an easy-to-use admin suite
  • Can be installed to your Facebook Page or that of a sponsor
  • Up-to-the-second usage data accessible via a live, secure report page
  • Add social sponsorship via integrated branding, co-branded content and ad units