Live Chat

This application lets you hold real-time, user-driven and moderated Q&A sessions between your talent and your fans, all within your Facebook Page.

Whether it’s an interview, Q&A session or a community announcement, the Live Chat App is perfect for engaging fans in a personal and accessible way.


  • Works across desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Users can ask any question they want, with the best ones appearing in a live stream coupled with your talent’s responses
  • Can be used as a live commentary tool with questions disabled
  • 2-way admin system allows a moderator to filter only the best questions for the talent to answer
  • Can be incorporated into a Live Party
  • Can be installed to your Facebook Page or that of a sponsor
  • Up-to-the-second usage data accessible via a live, secure report page
  • Add social sponsorship via integrated branding, co-branded content and ad units