Run a wide range of competitions from your Facebook page, on a microsite or within your own site with the Sweepstakes app.

The application contains a custom form that users must fill out (name, phone, email address, any other info required) in order to be entered into a competition or sign up to a mailing list. This information is stored in an admin suite, where the latest list of entries and their details can be exported instantly.

Additionally, the app allows you to add a social requirement before fans can enter, such as liking your Facebook page or following your Twitter account.

The sweepstakes app also comes with an optional CMS. This allows you to update the same application with new questions, copy and rules for each time you want to run a new competition in the same app. The same application can also have different branding and question depending on what Facebook page it was installed to, ideal for companies with multiple brands or shows.


  • Works across desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Can be installed to your Facebook Page or that of a sponsor
  • Up-to-the-second usage data accessible via a live, secure report page
  • Add social sponsorship via integrated branding, co-branded content and ad units