TagViews is a unique Facebook application that allows fans to find and tag themselves in crowd shots of large-scale gigs and events, all within Facebook.

Here's some JLSers in one of the massive crowd shots we're talking about:

TagViews can be installed to your Facebook page as a Tab, exposing a list of the available images to your audience.

By combining the power of Microsoft’s DeepZoom technology with our own, and equally awesome, TagView functionality, an unlimited amount of users are able to pan, zoom around and tag massive, hi-res photos in mere seconds.

While the process behind the scenes is complex, the setup experience is anything but; all we need to create a TagView is a hi-res photo and the Facebook page the app will be installed on. It’s this easy-to-set up process – combined with the excellent product feature set – that has attracted the likes of Kaiser Chiefs, JLS and various music festivals to use the application.

Whether it’s a band, team or venue, TagViews is the perfect product for those looking for a rich, customisable and unique way to engage and interact with their audience.