Our flagship product. The Daddy. The Big Kahuna. Since its inception in the summer of ’09, over 6 million people on Facebook and Twitter have added 13 million Twibbons to show support for their favourite cause. That’s roughly the population of Paraguay, in case you’re interested.

Twibbon is a website that allows users to overlay small icons – known as Twibbons – to their Facebook or Twitter avatars. From breast cancer charities and sports teams, to IE6 protests and Kanye West memes, Twibbon is the perfect way to show your friends and followers what you support in fun, instant and lasting way.

Seeing that the profile picture was a largely ignored and unused piece of estate in the socialsphere, Twibbon was created, launched and spread all over the web after 10 hard days of writing code, sleeping in the office and becoming far too familiar with our local takeaway.

Twibbon has been lauded by the likes of Mashable and Kevin Rose, used by celebs from Kim Kardashian to Stephen Fry, and even worked its way into the dictionary*. Creating, developing and maintaining Twibbon continues to be one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding things we’ve ever done.

*Urban Dictionary, 2009.