Twitter Mosaic

Perfect for visualising any trend on Twitter or capturing people’s reactions to an event created by your brand, this app automatically collects the latest images from any Twitter hashtag or keyword and displays them in a stunning, interactive mosaic.

Using an admin suite, you can search for tweets with a specific keyword and an image attached. These images are surfaced into the admin in real-time, where you can approve or deny the latest images for inclusion in your mosaic.

After the images have been collected, the app will generate a mosaic; a larger picture that is made up of all images that were allowed in the admin. All original images are kept at the same size making the mosaic as hi-resolution as possible, however thanks to Microsoft Deep Zoom technology, the image loads instantly, and fans can pan and zoom around the mosaic with ease.

The app also contains a smaller Twitter feed which displays the tweets and images with the keyword after the mosaic was processed.


  • Works across desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Include any images from Twitter that contain a specified keyword
  • Set the mosaic to be any image you want at any dimensions you want
  • Can be installed to your Facebook Page or that of a sponsor
  • Up-to-the-second usage data accessible via a live, secure report page
  • Add social sponsorship via integrated branding, co-branded content and ad units