The R&A is the ruling authority of gold throughout most of the world and annually administers The Open Championship; the oldest of golf’s 4 ‘Majors’.


Increase visits to The Open website and Facebook page

Encourage fans to interact with The Open socially during the tournament

Connect the fans on the sofa with the fans at the course itself

Maximise the number of fans browsing The Open website/FB page during the event as opposed to other sources (such as BBC, Twitter, etc.)

The Solution

For The Open 2012, Storm Ideas developed the Fan Centre; a real-time social aggregation application that allowed golf fanatics to get involved with the 2012 Open Championship in a variety of ways.

A great online companion for those already watching, listening or even attending The Open, the Fan Centre automatically displayed live the latest buzz and social media discussion from around the world (and on the course) via Facebook and Twitter streams, Instagram photo uploads and official news and weather updates.

Accessible via The Open website and Facebook page, all social activity in the Fan Centre was also displayed on a ‘world view’, allowing fans to visualise the social media discussion globally.

Via an online admin suite, The R&A were able to filter the discussion and remove any user submitted content displayed in the app with the click of a button.

Despite millions of visits over the duration of the 4 day event the application didn’t skip a beat, continuing to serve through hundreds of activities live thanks to a robust and repeatedly load-tested system.

The Open Fan Centre

The result


visits in 4 days


repeat visits


activity items streamed per day