Representing more than 1.5 million members and supporters worldwide, Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is the largest civil rights organisation working to achieve equality for LGBT Americans.


Allow people to show their support for marriage equality on Facebook and Twitter

Increase sign-ups to the HRC mailing list

Encourage supporters to follow HRC on Twitter and like on Facebook

The Solution

In partnership with HRC, Storm Ideas designed and developed an application that allowed anyone to overlay their Facebook or Twitter profile pictures with a red, semi-transparent equals sign. Doing so marked people’s support for marriage equality to their friends and followers online, in a simple yet lasting way.

After logging in with either Facebook or Twitter, and choosing to add the equals sign, the app would:

  • Overlay the user’s profile picture on Facebook or Twitter
  • Post or tweet a message of support, with a link back to the app encouraging their friends and followers to add the sign
  • Have the user follow @HRC if they were adding on Twitter

In order to build HRC’s mailing list, the application required users to enter their email address before supporting the campaign. The app would then combine each supporter’s FB details or Twitter handle with the email, offering a full list of users available for download at any time via an online, secure admin suite.

Integrating with the Facebook and Twitter APIs, the application was installed to both HRC’s Facebook page and embedded onto their website, ensuring maximum coverage and giving potential supporters the highest chance possible to add the overlay.

The app was also completely customised with HRC’s branding, which offered seamless integration into their website and Facebook page, as well as giving HRC full visual ownership of the Campaign.

Picture Equality

The result


profile pictures overlaid


emails subscribed


visitor > subscriber conversion