The Royal British Legion (RBL) is the leading charity in providing care and support to active members and veterans of the British Armed Forces.


The main goal of the campaign was to allow people to easily show their support for RBL via Facebook and Twitter. People should also be encouraged to and have an easy method of donating to RBL after showing their support.

The Solution

Every year, the Royal British Legion run The Poppy Appeal, a fund-raising drive which offers artificial red poppies to the public in return for a donation.

RBL were keen to repeat this popular tradition online, whereby anyone could add a virtual poppy to their Facebook or Twitter profile picture, and then be encouraged to donate easily afterwards.

Via an application installed to RBL’s Facebook page, users were able to add the poppy to any picture they own, whether it was from their Facebook photos, computer or webcam. Whenever someone added the poppy, they also sent out a post or tweet from their Facebook or Twitter accounts, encouraging their friends and followers to add the poppy with a link back to the app.

After becoming a virtual supporter, users could donate any amount to The Royal British Legion immediately inside the app on Facebook itself, without having to be redirected to an external site.

The application also had its own dedicated mobile version, helping to double app usage as over 50% of traffic came from a mobile device.

Poppy Appeal

The result


poppies added




social reach