Young Scot is a charity that provides young people ideas, info and opportunities to help them become confident, positive and active citizens. Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) promotes the care for, improvement of and sustainable use of all nature in Scotland, enabling people to enjoy and better understand it.


Allow young people to compete with each other about who has experienced the most Scottish outdoor activities

Increase young people’s knowledge of where and how they can enjoy Scotland’s outdoors

Promote Year of Natural Scotland festivals, events and tourist attractions

The Solution

In 2013, the year of Natural Scotland, Young Scot and Scottish Natural Heritage were keen to find ways to get young people more engaged with and aware of Scotland’s outdoors. The result was 2 Facebook applications, the Natural Scotland Photo Challenge (read the case study) and Scotland’s Outdoor Challenge.

In the challenge, young people were able to check off which of 50 pre-selected Scottish outdoor activities they had experienced. The activities ranged from simple (e.g. walking on the beach) to advanced (e.g. rock-climbing) allowing all users to participate in the app while giving more active young people the satisfaction of checking off harder activities.

Each activity had an image and ‘find out more link’ encouraging those who did not complete a certain activity to learn about it and how they could experience it. SNH were also able to promote Year of Natural Scotland events by making them activities for users to complete and find out more about.

Competition between friends was a key driver behind the success of the app. After completing the challenge, the user received a score out of 50 that they could share with their Facebook friends and challenge them directly to try and do better.

The app was further incentivised by introducing a sweepstakes element, offering users the chance to win ‘The Ultimate Outdoor Kit’. In order to complete the challenge, users had to enter their email address, which would enter them into the prize draw.

Via an online admin suite, SNH were able to download the full list of entrants and emails with a single click, from which they could choose a winner. Additionally, Young Scot were able to download the email addresses in order to build up their mailing list.

Scotland's Outdoor Challenge

The result


challenges completed


activities checked off


reward codes claimed