Young Scot is a charity that provides young people ideas, info and opportunities to help them become confident, positive and active citizens. Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) promotes the care for, improvement of and sustainable use of all nature in Scotland, enabling people to enjoy and better understand it.


Encourage young people to share where they have visited areas of Scottish natural beauty

Increase young people’s knowledge of where and how they can enjoy Scotland’s outdoors

Enhance Scotland’s reputation as a place of outstanding natural beauty

Increase awareness and usage of Young Scot’s Rewards scheme

The Solution

In 2013, the year of Natural Scotland, Young Scot and Scottish Natural Heritage were keen to find ways to get young people more engaged with and aware of Scotland’s outdoors. The result was 2 Facebook applications, Scotland’s Outdoor Challenge (read the case study) and the Natural Scotland Photo Challenge.

Young people were encouraged to find and take a photo of a place of natural beauty in Scotland, and then upload it to the app. Each photo would appear in a gallery, from which other users could then vote for and share their favourites. The top 20 vote-getting photos would then be placed into a prize draw, with the winning photographer claiming a day out in Scotland worth £750

A dedicated mobile version of the application was created, allowing young people to take photos inside the app on their phone while out exploring Scotland’s nature.

After the competition had ended and the winning photograph chosen, the app switched to a map of Scotland, with each photo appearing as a coloured pin where it was taken. Users could click on a tag to view and share the photo, as well as use a filter to show only the top voted photos.

Young Scot were able to introduce their Rewards scheme by offering points when users completed certain app actions (such as submitting, voting and sharing), further incentivising app usage and increasing awareness of their scheme.

An online admin suite was included with the application, from which SNH were able to individually remove any non-qualifying photos, as well as download the top 20 photographers’ details in order enable winner selection and fulfilment.

Natural Scotland Photo Challenge

The result


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