ITV run the 2nd most popular TV channel in the UK with a weekly reach of 40 million viewers; 2nd only to BBC One.


Promote ITV's broadcast of the 2011 Rugby World Cup to increase viewership

Encourage more people to interact with ITV online and socially during matches

Create an engaging experience for rugby fans of each competing nation

Increase likes and followers for ITV Rugby's social accounts

The Solution

The first fully-fledged implementation of our Badges Competition, Ultimate Fan is the game that rewarded fans the more that they supported their nation during the Rugby World Cup 2011.

The application was created after we were commissioned by ITV to create a social experience that allowed fans to show their commitment and fandom during the Rugby World Cup 2011, as well as increase ITV’s viewership figures for the tournament.

Fans earned virtual ‘badges’ by performing various acts of fandom, such as:

  • Getting up early to watch their team play (these badges were only available mid-game)
  • Owning their team’s official kit (the user had to upload a photo of themselves)
  • Predicting the results of matches (fans selected their winner, with the badge awarded post-result)
  • Liking and following ITV Rugby on Facebook and Twitter

Each badge was worth a varying degree of points depending on difficulty, with the user who received the most points during the tournament becoming the Ultimate Fan and winning a grand prize.

The application took advantage of the latest trends and best practices in gamification, including curved level progression, varied rewards for interacting with the app and ITV, and an even spectrum of easy- and hard-to-achieve badges to provide challenges for both inexperienced and hardcore fans. Thanks to an incredible amount of repeat and consistent usage, Ultimate Fan was a great success, and proved to be one of the most innovative, fun and engaging Facebook apps of 2011.

Ultimate Fan

The result


badge wearers returned to add more


average badges added




social follows